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September 2006


Well, LezCruise is a few months old now, and there have been some changes. Some are just improvements to the functionality of the site, based on feedback from users and our own experiences, while others are new programs we've added.

To find out more about functionality changes, see our FAQ page. To find out more about new programs, read on!

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  • LezCruise Group Cruises
  • LezPoints Program
  • How to Earn a Free Cruise
  • Cruise Specials

  • LezCruise Group Cruises

    LezCruise Groups are cruises where you can get some kind of perk (for example, reduced fare, cruise credit, a massage, etc) when you book the cruise with us.

    Not all cruises posted on our website are LezCruise Group cruises - many are simply cruises that our users are going on. However, whenever possible we try to arrange for some sort of extra.

    There are three different ways that we determine which cruises will be LezCruise Group cruises:

    1. a user posts a cruise, and then we work out some group amenities with the cruise line
    2. we decide on a cruise that we want to go on, and then work out amenities with the cruise line
    3. we make arrangements with a local person, such as a message therapist, to provide an onboard service to each person who books with us, and then make arrangements with the cruise line.

    LezCruise Group Cruises are listed along with the rest on the LezCruise Find A Cruise> page, but they show up in a lovely shade of lavender. To see what particular amenities each cruise offers (they vary), click on the cruise's "View" link.

    LezPoints Program

    As you know, we are a new site. And as you can probably imagine, when you're a new site it can take a little while for people to discover you. This is perfectly understandable, but can make for a somewhat sluggish site at the beginning - which can be a little boring.

    So, in an effort to liven things up a little, we've decided to institute a points program. Basically, we're going to bribe you to contribute to our website.

    Each time you post a cruise, post a review, or post a comment in our forum, you will earn LezPoints. At the end of each quarter we will tally up the points, and the person with the most LezPoints will win a $20.00 Amazon gift certificate.

    Now, you may be thinking "But the quarter's almost over!!" And you would be correct - the third quarter ends on September 30. But, not to worry - everyone who's already posted on our site will get credit for those posts, and there are still several days left in the quarter. Plus, you can always start working on the fourth...

    Hope to hear from you soon!

    How to Earn a Free Cruise

    This is not a new program, nor is it anything instituted by us. We just thought it would be good info to pass along, as many people don't know that it is possible to earn a free cruise. It's important to keep in mind, though, that "earn" is the operative word here - you will have to work for it.

    Most cruise lines offer a free berth when a group gets to be a particular size ("berth" = "bed". Thus, a free berth is one bed in a double occupancy cabin). Usually this ratio is one free berth for every sixteen passengers, but sometimes it can be as low as ten passengers.

    What this means is that if you can gather together 10 - 16 people (family reunion? square dance group? lesbian choir? your book club?), you could go for free as the tour conductor!

    Now, before you scramble out to start gathering your group, make sure you talk to us first, as not all sailings offer tour conductor berths - we'd hate to see you go to all that trouble for nothing:-)

    Cruise Specials

    Every day we receive all kinds of information about all kinds of cruise specials. And, since some of these are pretty good deals, we thought it would be nice to share.

    So, in the coming days we're going to start sending out regular emails describing some of these deals. To make sure you'll receive them (not everyone who signed up for the newsletter also signed up to receive promotions), go to the LezCruise My Account page, log in, click on 'Change My Profile' and make sure that 'Please send me emails of cruise promotions' is checked.

    Mary & Lis

    Here we are (Lis at right, Mary on the left) having lunch on the lovely Regent Seven Seas Navigator in March 2005.

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