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It’s Pride Season!  This weekend you can celebrate Pride in Austin, Texas (6/2), Birmingham, AL (6/1 to 6/10), Cedar Rapids, IA (6/2), Detroit, MI (6/2), Nashville, TN (5/29 to 6/3), New Jersey (6/3), Salt Lake City, UT (6/1 to 6/3), and Washington, D.C. (6/1 to 6/10)

Self-described “tomboy” Karin Stahre-Janson has been named the captain of Royal Caribbean’s  “Monarch of the Seas.” Captain Stahre-Janson, a Swedish citzen, will be the first woman to command a major cruise ship.  For a photo and interview, click here.

Comfort Suites have now joined Marriott, Westin, Sandals and Beaches in becoming smoke-free.  They are marketing this as “Breathing Room — our new smoke-free program that places us among the first hotel brands to go completely smoke free. In fact, we’ve deep cleaned all of our rooms and common areas to help ensure our guests have the fresh air they want. So now you can breathe easy in every inch of the hotel.”

Don’t confuse Comfort Suites with Comfort Inns. They’re run by the same company, Choice International, but it is only the Comfort Suites that have gone smoke-free.

Oh, I love Google.  Yes, I do.  One of their latest Very Cool Things is called Google Voice Local Search.  It’s basically a free directory information service.  To use it call 1-800-Goog-411 (1-800-466-4411) from any phone.  Here’s what Google’s web site says, in its entirety:

“Google Voice Local Search is Google’s experimental service to make local-business search accessible over the phone.

To try this service, just dial 1-800-GOOG-411 (1-800-466-4411) from any phone.

Using this service, you can:

  • search for a local business by name or category.
    You can say “Giovanni’s Pizzeria” or just “pizza”.
  • get connected to the business, free of charge.
  • get the details by SMS if you’re using a mobile phone.
    Just say “text message”.

And it’s free. Google doesn’t charge you a thing for the call or for connecting you to the business. Regular phone charges may apply, based on your telephone service provider.

Note: Google Voice Local Search is still in its experimental stage. It may not be available at all times and may not work for all users. We’re fine-tuning the service to get better at recognizing your requests. It’s currently only available in English, in the US, for US business listings.”

I just tried it.  First I said “Flying Pie Pizza” for my favorite pizza place (soy cheese pizza in addition to regular cheesy).  It gave me both Portland locations.  Then I said “pedicure” and it gave me 8 results.  I have no idea how accurate they are because I’m not really in the market for a pedicure right now, but I did enjoy the interesting computer pronunciations.

Anyway, you should give it a shot.  I’m sure I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again.  I love Google!