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On Thursday, November 30 at 10 pm ET/PT, The Travel Channel will air The Trip of A Lifetime – Alaska. Cruise West is featured as two sisters take their dream trip along the inside passage. Cruise West features small ships that allow you to get up-close and personal. If you find you’re interested in cruising to Alaska on Cruise West, let us know. In conjunction with the television show, Cruise West is offering special deals through December 8.

Well, we’ve spent at least the last two hours, if not more, looking at calendars on trying to find a calendar we both agree on for our kitchen. We got it down to two: Seasons with Emily Dickinson (Lis’s choice) and America’s Back Roads (Mary’s choice). We each loved our respective choices so much that there was nothing to be done but flip a coin. (Mary suggested we buy both, but I vetoed that and forced a choice.) It’s raining, it’s a little cold, we’re snug in bed with the laptop. We do not have a coin to toss. My brilliant girlfriend said, “Is there a place to flip a coin online?”

And there is – it’s called and you get to pick from a wide variety of coins – we chose Maximinus – 236-238 CE – Billon (Æ/AR) Tetradrachm – Roman Empire – Provincial issue – Alexandria, Egypt.

Being the benevolent and wonderful girlfriend that I am, I let Mary choose heads or tails. She chose heads. Fortunately for me, it came up tails – like this. Yay!
Lis Won With Tails!

This was great fun, especially since I won. I highly recommend you go to the website for any important decisions you need to make.

Here is a very cool website that I just found. It’s called Farecast and you can tell it where you want to go and when and it will give you advice on whether to buy your ticket now or wait to see if prices go down. Of course I have no idea how accurate it is, but it’s kind of fun to play with. It doesn’t work for all cities and your trip has to be between 2 and 8 nights in order for it to make a prediction. It also shows you the fares for most of the airlines and provides information about what times are the least expensive to fly and what sort of frequent flyer rewards the airline offers.

In the past I have used Expedia to get general information about what airlines fly where, but I think I’ll experiment a bit with this web site. We fly a lot on Southwest and I like that Farecast includes Southwest in its search results. It doesn’t include the prices from Southwest, but does let you know that Southwest flies the particular route you are searching for.