Well, we’ve spent at least the last two hours, if not more, looking at calendars on Calendars.com trying to find a calendar we both agree on for our kitchen. We got it down to two: Seasons with Emily Dickinson (Lis’s choice) and America’s Back Roads (Mary’s choice). We each loved our respective choices so much that there was nothing to be done but flip a coin. (Mary suggested we buy both, but I vetoed that and forced a choice.) It’s raining, it’s a little cold, we’re snug in bed with the laptop. We do not have a coin to toss. My brilliant girlfriend said, “Is there a place to flip a coin online?”

And there is – it’s called Random.org and you get to pick from a wide variety of coins – we chose Maximinus – 236-238 CE – Billon (Æ/AR) Tetradrachm – Roman Empire – Provincial issue – Alexandria, Egypt.

Being the benevolent and wonderful girlfriend that I am, I let Mary choose heads or tails. She chose heads. Fortunately for me, it came up tails – like this. Yay!
Lis Won With Tails!

This was great fun, especially since I won. I highly recommend you go to the random.org website for any important decisions you need to make.