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One of the things I really DON’T like about traveling is listening to my next door neighbors.  I don’t want to hear them talk, I don’t want to hear their phone ring, and I REALLY don’t want to hear their tv.  I wrote an earlier post on hotels that don’t have tvs, which is my preference, but I recently read an excellent article in the New York Times called “Blessed Silence is the Newest Amenity”.  According to the writer, a chain called AmericInn is as obsessed as I think hotels should be with providing quiet rooms.  According to the Times article, last September, “the fast-growing chain began advertising a new sleeping amenity called SoundGuard at its 213 hotels. It’s not an electronic gadget or a bedding accessory, but a construction material. Instead of wood-frame construction, the hotel uses masonry blocks filled with sound-deadening foam, in addition to drywall that is 5/8-inch thick, instead of ½-inch, to muffle noise.”  AmericInn is also putting their tvs on tables rather than mounting them on walls.  Yay to that!  I’ve never figured out why the majority of hotels elect to put the tvs in one room right against the beds in the next room.  Oh, if only I was in charge.  Anyway, the Times article has lots of other interesting information about Sound Transmission Class Tests and tips on how to possibly get a quieter room.  If you’re a quiet freak like me, you might enjoy the article.

VivaAerobus is a Mexican low-cost airline that’s been serving points in Mexico from Austin, Texas, since last year. It has announced new daily nonstop service from Austin to Cancun or Monterrey, beginning May 1, with fares starting at $9.99 each way. Note that these fares require a 5 week advance purchase.  See this SmarterTravel article for more info.