This is a story about a miraculous and annoying man, Dr. Lloyd Glauberman. Mary has nicknamed him Dr. Gloyd, though I still like to refer to him by his full name of Dr. Lloyd Glauberman, which I always pronounce “Globberman” because I like the way it sounds, rather than “Glow” (rhymes with how) berman” which could also be the way it is pronounced, I have no idea, but I just love saying Dr. Lloyd Globberman.

Anyway, my wonderful acupuncturist, Rick DeTroye, lent me a Dr. Gloyd CD about a year or so ago. It was called Feeling Better, and Rick thought it might help me because it seemed like every winter I got some cold that turned into something worse and ended up lasting 2 or 3 months. Dr. Gloyd does something called Hypno-peripheral processing. You have to listen to his CD with headphones on because you get different things in each ear. Feeling Better consists of 4 stories. They are told in a slow, droning way by Dr. Gloyd and they are the most stupid stories I have ever heard. Within each story is two more stories; you hear one in each ear and halfway through, the stories switch ears. Every once in a while or maybe more than every once in a while, words from the stories combine to provide a “subliminal” message. For example, one story is talking about the Planet Ree and the other is talking about a space mission so you hear “Go into Ree Mission” The first time I listened to Dr. Gloyd I could not believe how irritating and stupid and annoying it was. But… the next day I felt better!

You’re supposed to listen to Dr. Gloyd for two weeks to get the full effect. I did this and really felt stronger and better able to ward off all the winter colds flying about. So this was all a year ago.

Then, about 3 or 4 months ago, my upper back started hurting. I figured it would go away, but it didn’t, and as my stress increased (which there is a bit of starting a new business) the pain did too. I got several massages from my massage therapist extraordinaire, Krystee Sidwell, (more on her in a later post, I promise) and went to a chiropractor but nothing seemed to help. I decided that my body was sending me a message, which was “Nothing will work until you deal with your stress.”

So I decided to start listening to Dr. Gloyd again. I started on July 4 and spend two weeks with him and then decided to order a second set of CDS. This time I wanted one to deal specifically with anxiety. I’ve been listening to that one for almost two weeks now and I swear I’m calmer. Also my back pain is only in the one spot where there’s an actual rib out rather than in my entire upper back, so I’m going to give the chiropractor one more shot at me. And that’s all for now.