A while back I posted a question from one of our users: “I was wondering if anyone else out there has cruised with a child? Is there any special embarkation documentation required for children with two mommies?” Though we didn’t have any answers for her, she has returned from her cruise and here is her report:

“We just returned from our cruise and I wanted to share our experience with traveling with our son. Prior to the cruise, we applied for his passport. In order to get a passport, both parents (and child) need to be present and you need to submit an authorized copy of the birth certificate. We applied at a local post office and luckily for us, an old classmate of my partner’s happened to be handling the passport applications. No need to fuss about our relationship to one another. Our son’s passport arrived at our house in about 2 weeks (we had to expedite it due to the timing in which we applied).

“On embarkation day we were armed with his passport, his birth certificate and a letter from the cryobank that we used. They only looked at his passport and did not ask for any other proof of parentage. Happily, it turned out to be anticlimatic as I was ready to do battle.

“I should mention that my partner and I are legally wed in our home state of Massachusetts and are both listed on his original birth certificate. Also, just today, we completed his adoption. Something we think is absurd but in order for us to be fully recognized *outside* of Massachusetts as his legal parents is a necessity.

Hope this helps the future cruisers out there with a little one.”

I will add that when Mary and I applied for our passports a couple of years ago in preparation for a Caribbean cruise we stood in the post office for some time trying to figure out how to mark our marital status. We are legally married in British Columbia but were afraid that marking ourselves as married might bring up some homophobia at the passport office – and our passports would be delayed. In the end we decided to be brave and deal with the consequences, of which there were none. We received our passports on time and they don’t even say anything about marital status on them. So I’m sure somewhere we’re on some big black list in the Bush Administration, but we have our passports and are free to travel the world.