We did the B&B breakfast this morning – Edward made Croque Monsieur for me and scrambled eggs and bacon (really ham) for Lis (Binners had to be somewhere this morning and wasn’t our chef today). Once again, we came down to a beautifully set table – I tried to take pictures both times we had the B&B breakfast, but I don’t think they really do it justice. Edward started us out with a fruit cup, oatmeal bars and yoghurt, as well as hot water for Lis’ tea and decaf coffee for me. While we were working on this he came out to Lis and asked “Would you like your scrambled eggs moist, somewhat moist, somewhat dry, or dry?” We were both very impressed; neither of us can recall ever being presented with such a range of options for scrambled eggs before (Lis chose ‘somewhat dry’ – Lis: and they were perfect).

Then came our main courses – again, they were divine. The two breakfasts we’ve had here were quite glorious – delicious but also wonderfully gracious and pleasant. It’s been good to mostly be on our own for breakfast, but it’s also been great to do the full B&B thing a couple times, too. As before, Edward joined us with his coffee after serving us, and as before, we had a lovely time chatting with him.

I had decided yesterday that I wasn’t going to do anything other than procure food today, and so I didn’t – after breakfast we went back to the room and read until it was time for lunch, then we took me to Subway for a quick sandwich (I wasn’t in the mood for anything heavier, and Lis had leftovers from dinner last night), which we took back to the room. We had a nice little lunch in the room, and then continued reading. At 1:45 Lis left for her 2pm spa appointment, and I stayed here – I mostly read but also decided to take a bath in the large jetted tub – my own little spa treatment. It was a wonderfully relaxing day, just what I needed.

Lis came back from her appointment at the Sapphire Day Spa at around 4, reporting that her spa treatment had not been as satisfactory as mine. She had gotten the Abhyanga Massage, Swedana Herbal Steam & Exfoliationtreatment, which sounds great on paper but wasn’t as great in practice. I will see if I can get Lis to post more details, but I can tell you that she did come home with these huge red rashes on the backs of her arms from the steam chest that was part of the treatment. So she was disappointed (the rashes cleared up after a few hours).

For dinner we were torn between going back to the Jamaican restaurant that we loved, or trying out a brewpub called Canoe that is supposed to be good and where I could finally get the Hefeweizen I’ve been wanting the whole trip. We ultimately decided in favor of Canoe.

We liked Canoe well enough, but we also thought it was overpriced and not really anything out of the ordinary as far as pub food goes – though I did enjoy my beer very much. We decided that, since we were only a few blocks away from the Jamaican restaurant, we would walk over there and get some Johnnycakes to go. Turned out to be a semi-eventful few blocks – we were hit up by a fairly clean-cut looking couple with a long story of tribulation that ended with a plea for money for bus fare, passed a couple of biohazard containers for people to dispose of their dirty needles, were heckled by some guy driving by in a pickup (“Hey, sexy things!” – said ironically, to make sure that we knew that he didn’t really consider us sexy things), and passed several groups of people who looked like junkies. Apparently, we were not in the part of town where one goes for a nice little stroll after dinner.

We got back to the car and drove back to the B&B along Dallas Road. Lis said “Let’s stop and go to one of the benches on the path and eat our Johnnycakes looking over the ocean.” Which seemed an excellent plan, so we did. It was very enjoyable – it was still warm, the Olympics were visible, the people around us weren’t scary, and we got to say hello to a passing dog or two – nice little end to the day.

Then we came back to the room, watched a few episodes of Weeds (first TV viewing of the whole trip) and then packed in preparation for our return trip tomorrow. It’s been a very fun trip, and it will be very good to be home:)