We returned home last night to rain and cooler temperatures and velcro kitties who missed their mamas – it’s nice to be back. I don’t even mind the weather, as I always struggle with heat and humidity, and I was starting to get tired of always having to protect myself from the sun – no heat or sun here (though humidity of the cool variety, which I can handle).

We did manage to fit in a little snorkeling yesterday before our early afternoon flight, and while it was a bit of a hassle figuring out how to pack and deal with our wet snorkel gear, it wasn’t bad – I’d do it again.  Note from Lis:  the snorkeling was fantastic.  We had to do it since we didn’t discover our favorite beach until our last full day. 

After showering and packing, we headed to Five Palms Beach Grill for our final Maui meal – it has one of the best views of any of the places we’ve eaten, plus is close to the condo, so we thought it would be a fitting place for our farewell. It was a particularly beautiful day, clear skies and not too warm. While we were there, we heard someone tell the waiter that she was leaving today at 1pm “just in the nick of time.” We wondered what she was talking about, then were able to ascertain that there was a tsunami warning in effect because of an earthquake in Samoa. The waiter and bus girl were unconcerned – “I’m sure it will be nothing” – and turned out to be right: I checked when I got off the plane – no tsunami problems in Hawaii. Those poor people in Samoa, though – my heart goes out to them.

On the plane we again rented a DigE Player, and watched My Life in Ruins and Taken. We knew before watching them that they were both stupid movies. However, My Life in Ruins is stupid but pleasant and entertaining, while Taken is stupid and offensive and ridiculous plus takes itself very seriously and is almost unwatchable. I think it is even worse than The Lake House, which I consider to be the standard by which bad movies should be judged.

In true “needing a vacation to recover from vacation” style, we are both very tired today, and will probably not go back to work until tomorrow. But I should probably wrap this up now, as there is currently a Sweet Orange Boy demanding my attention.