Last night we finally got to eat in the main dining room, and it was quite good.  It is Italian themed, and has a fixed price format.  There are three menu sections (antipasti, first course and second course), and three options; two courses and dessert, three courses, or three courses and dessert.  We went the two courses and dessert route, and it was really good – my dessert in particular, something called a bittersweet chocolate mousse, may have been the best dessert I’ve ever had.  So I’ve been steadily upgrading my opinion of the food here – it’s really quite good once you back out the Red Robin quality of the pool grill lunches.  We haven’t had pool grill dinner yet – I’ll be curious to see how that is.

Yesterday Lis’ father and stepmother (Roger and Iris) arrived in Lana’i – they will be staying 8 nights, and overlapping with us for our final 5 nights.  We really like traveling with them, because we enjoy a lot of the same things, and because they need just as much alone time as we do.  We met up with them at breakfast (our breakfast policy is “we’ll see you there if we see you there” so we don’t have to do a bunch of coordinating) and had a nice meal.  Then they went off on a big ol’ walk, and we went back to our room with the intention of heading down to the beach, but actually ended up napping in bed (Lis) and reading on the lanai (Mary).  I must say, this lanai is really very, very awesome – you could spend the whole vacation just reading and napping on the lanai and be perfectly content.

We met up with Roger and Iris at the golf course for lunch – they had been walking the whole time that we had been lazing.  After lunch they were planning to head down to the beach to read, so we said we’d join them there.  We tried to do some snorkeling, but the surf was kind of rough, which made snorkeling less than ideal because the sand was stirred up and the water cloudy.  We gave it the old college try for a while, but eventually also ran in to these creepy little jellyfish-like things, which spooked me (jellyfish freak me out) and even made my sweetie a little nervous, so we gave up.

The rough surf made getting out of the water a little challenging, and Lis began to panic a little, as she was afraid of a repeat of a previous Hawaiian adventure in which she went ass over teakettle.  However, earlier I had noticed some people getting out backwards, facing the ocean so they could gauge the swells, and I told Lis about this method and talked her through it, and we both got out without mishap, and I felt very rescue-y and pleased with myself and all warm and fuzzy toward my girl as well :)

We went back to our chairs and hung out on the beach until it was time to get ready for dinner.  On the way back we saw a flock of wild turkeys walking along the path and I snapped a couple pics.

Even though we only had an hour to get ready, we still stopped at the poolside bar on our way back to the room for our happy hour lava flows; got them to go this time.  We are girls with our priorities in order.

For dinner we went back to the Lana’i City Grill, which is probably our favorite restaurant so far, though Lis really likes The Terrace up at The Lodge, and I really like the Italian main dining room here.  As we were driving through Lana’i City on the way to the restaurant, I saw this kid wearing a weird outfit – “Why is that kid dressed like a soccer ball?  He must really like soccer…” – I was pretty confused.  Then we saw a bunch more kids dressed funny, and finally someone on the bus said “Oh, yeah, it’s Halloween!”

Dinner was divine, as usual, and when we left, the hostess had us trick or treat out of a big tub of candy, and I scored some Tootsie Rolls, which are my fave – so a Happy Halloween was had by all!