And so dawns our final day on Lana’i. Not much to report, though – our last day was a lazy one. We did play the putting course again this afternoon – Lis beat me on the front nine (which I handled most graciously), but I won the back nine and the overall tally.

I’m looking forward to going home tomorrow – I love to go away on vacation, and I love to come back home. Plus, our swanky Four Seasons destination has been great, but there have been some service problems, and while we chose it in part because of its isolation, I am now ready to be done being isolated.

It has been pretty awesome, all told. And, after our first few days, the dolphins haven’t been back, so I feel especially blessed to have been able to swim with them and get as close as we did. But home will feel really nice, and I do miss my kittens.

Thanks to all who followed along and made comments here and there – it’s always fun to share our trips with you:)