Thanks to Google, you can now send a text message to 466453 (‘Google’ on most devices) containing an airline name or abbreviation and a flight number to track a flight’s status. If you don’t know the flight number or require additional information, just text the airline name abbreviation and you’ll receive the carrier’s reservations phone number. The service is free, apart from your normal text messaging charges. Currently it only covers flights departing or arriving in the US.

Google has a fantastic mobile service called Google Mobile that provides a plethora of information via text message, including weather, currency conversion, movie times, translations and driving directions. Well worth your time to check it out. Even if you don’t have the capability to send text messages (or don’t know how to in my case – and I’m PROUD of it) you can still go to the Google Mobile web site, do the equivalent of a text message from the web site, and get the information you need.