Links to Victoria photos and videos from the cruise


When we first read the itinerary of this cruise, I was a little disappointed that we were leaving Vancouver so late (around midnight) and arriving in Victoria so early (around 6-7am), because one of my favorite parts of any cruise is sailing into/out of port. As it turned out, though, that by the time we ate dinner and read Passages and perused the next day’s menus and read and settled down, it was after 11:30 pm, and at that point I thought “What the hell” and bundled up and went out on the balcony to watch us leave Vancouver. I had to sit out for about half an hour before we set sail, but it was really cool to watch Stanley Park obscure the lights of Vancouver, and then to sail under a very lit up Lion’s Gate Bridge.

And then this morning, because I had trouble sleeping (I often have trouble sleeping on a cruise – I just get so excited to be at sea), I was up at 6:00 and able to go up on deck and watch the ship come in to Victoria.

We ate breakfast in the Compass Rose, and Lis ordered a couple hard boiled eggs, which arrived soft boiled. We showed the waiters, and they were very apologetic and took the eggs away and said they’d tell the cook they needed to be hard boiled. A few minutes later they brought 2 new eggs, which appeared to be hard boiled, until Lis broke in to the yoke, and found that they were actually kind-of-hard-boiled-but-not-really. The waiters, who were gathered around watching, looked crestfallen, but seemed to recognize that it was time to punt – they put up no resistance when Lis said “How about just a couple scrambled eggs.” As we were leaving, one of them said “I have come up with a solution. I will put the eggs on to boil now, so they will be ready for you tomorrow. ” And when we ran across the same waiter as we were leaving the restaurant at dinner, he said “I’ve got the eggs boiling for you for tomorrow.” He was really very cute. Our sommelier also remembered that Lis did not have any wine with dinner last night, and said “Are you ready for some wine tonight?” I do love RegentJ

Today we took the free shuttle from the ship to the Inner Harbour, then walked into Beacon Hill Park and up to the Children’s Farm, which is one of our favorite places in Victoria. There are peacocks and alpacas and bird houses, and the best-ever petting zoo in the land – tons of goats, mamas and babies, that come nuzzle you and lean against you and chew gently on your shoelaces and purse straps. The goats are very well taken care of, and are feed on a regular schedule, with no feeding allowed by guests – the result being that they are calm and lovable, not demanding and head-butting, like at most petting zoos. (We are connoisseurs of petting zoos – if there’s a petting zoo anywhere near, we’ll be there, jockeying with the kids for position). Last time we were at the Children’s Farm, a baby named Jay curled up in my lap and went to sleep. This time, a baby named Larry spent a good deal of time hanging out with us, and a baby named Carly stood inches from my face and gazed deeply into my eyes while I petted her. (Note from Lis: All the goats have their names on their collars and are also for sale. I had a little fantasy of picking out a baby goat and sneaking her on to the ship for the rest of the cruise.)

After the Children’s Farm, we took a Harbour Taxi to Spinnaker’s Brew Pub (another of our favorite Victoria places) for lunch, and then went to Green Cuisine restaurant (yet another favorite place) for dessert. Then back to the ship, where we tried to make it to the 4:30 trivia, but were late. Then to the Muster Drill (we didn’t have it yesterday because people were boarding so late, because of the late departure), and then to dinner. Lis had a most fabulous steak, and I had the almond crusted halibut, which was also divine. Then back to our room, and sunset on the balcony. A very excellent day. Note from Lis: the sunset from the balcony was AMAZING! I don’t think I’ve ever seen the sun set at sea before. It really looked like there was a big old fire pit in the middle of the ocean. I doubt our photos will do it justice. We were a little bit disappointed that we couldn’t get a room on the starboard side of the ship for when we’re sailing past glaciers, but boy that sunset was incredible and we wouldn’t have been able to see it from our balcony if we’d been on the starboard side.

On a technical note, the internet has been somewhat unreliable thus far, and I am apparently not allowed to upload pictures (I tried to include a couple in the post re: Vancouver) – so no photos yet. But we are snapping away, so once we get home, I’ll upload them somewhere (Flickr or PhotoBucket or something) and maybe retroactively add a few pics to these posts (Sadly, no photos of goats – I was too completely involved in the experience to remember to take any pics. But I’ve got some good peacock and baby duckling photos).