Mary’s been doing all the writing because I decided I wanted to only drink in the cruise and not have the responsibility of documenting it. But I must post about how DIVINE yoga on the balcony is. On both this cruise and our Crystal Cruise in December 06, I borrowed a yoga mat from the health club and then did yoga on the balcony accompanied by my MP3 player. At times yesterday the roar of the float planes totally drowned out the yoga instructor in my headphones but otherwise it was quiet and beautiful and really a transcendent experience that I highly recommend.

My whole body was aching yesterday – partially my injured shoulder, partially my legs screaming from all the stair walking, partially trying to adjust to the bed, but I decided I need a massage. They offered me a special of 50 minutes of Swedish massage for $99, but she said some other massage would be better for aches, and she dropped the price from $150 to $130 if I did it while we were still in port. I was impressed with what the massage therapist accomplished in 50 minutes and I DO feel better today. Afterwards I took a steam bath and then a shower and then a sauna. Often this is all I do – I am a big fan of the “poor woman’s spa experience” in which one partakes of all the amenities of the locker room but does not purchase any actual spa services. I will say that if that’s what you’re after, Crystal has a much better “poor woman’s spa” than Regent. The Regent locker room was small and the steam room was tiny and the lockers were sort of beat up and the keys didn’t work well. But I’m evaluating, not complaining. The steam room was nice and hot, and it all made for a lovely afternoon.

Next post, back to Mary. I find myself kind of boring. But we both would like to offer this correction to her previous post. It was the weather in Ketchikan that was dry and mostly sunny, not her ears. Well, her ears probably were too, but she was referring to the weather.