We chose to have no breakfast the majority of our days here at Binners, but we thought it would be nice to have their breakfast our first morning. It is 8:42 am and breakfast is at 9:00. I can smell it and it smells delicious. Mainly I’m writing this morning to correct a few things in the blog post that was written while I was snoring.

I pointed out to Mary that we are eligible for early bird specials right now, but she believes that early bird specials are for senior citizens – I think she’s getting confused from the Seinfeld episode where Jerry is visiting his parents in Florida and they keep having early bird specials. If anyone wants to comment and point out that I am right (or wrong) please feel free.

Also, sweetly, she was more disappointed than I was that Green Cuisine didn’t have the fruit crumble. I was perfectly happy with my meal. Ah well, who cares. This is how I drive my girlfriend crazy by constantly correcting her.

Binners B & B is absolutely lovely. It is very luxurious. Jetted tub and heated floors in the bathroom – Elemis bath products including a tooth cleaning kit! A gas burning fireplace, a flat screen tv with a dvd player built in, lovely soft towels and sheets. And the carpet feels really great on my bare feet. I wish we could have this carpet in our house, but because it is a berber our beloved, annoying cats would destroy it immediately.

There are some very cool birds here – they are constantly singing outside our window, and I actually remembered to bring my binoculars along. I have attached them to the side of my fanny pack, which also has a space for a water bottle. You can believe that I look like a total geek. But it has been so fun looking at all the birds. I am contemplating paying $19.99 for the IBirdPlus Iphone application which is a bird identification application. I have not yet paid for a single IPhone app, but this one is very cool. I downloaded the free one and the functionality is very cool, but it only had 15 birds, most of which I already know how to identify (crow, mallard, seagull)

We also learned from Binners yesterday that the two cruise ships that were docked here yesterday are going to be coming here all summer and that they have been rerouted from Mexico, due to the swine flu. I feel very sorry for the people in Mexico who depend on the money that comes in from cruise ship passengers, and I feel very sorry for the people who wanted a sunny Mexican vacation and are here instead. Victoria is FANTASTIC, but it is so different from Mexico.