Yesterday I had been marveling that we had the energy to do all the things we’d been doing, and to enjoy them as much as we had – I had thought we were going to get here and just collapse.

Well, today we had that day – unmotivated and out of sorts, for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is the fact that the Lana’i air is not agreeing with my head, making me stuffy and snoring like a tank, which in turn makes my fair one a little cranky…

We didn’t feel like doing much, so lay about for a bit before breakfast and after breakfast, but eventually making it back down to the beach to snorkel and swim.

But, like yesterday and the double-lounger, you just can’t go back – we didn’t snorkel for long because we were tired and Lis kept having trouble with her mask, and we didn’t swim for long because we were tired and the dolphins, while there, never got very close.

I think the lesson here is, enjoy your transcendent experience, but don’t come back the next day and try to do it again, because it probably won’t work.

We did sit on the beach for a while and listen to our iPods, which was nice. 

After lunch, we went back to our room and just stayed there until dinner, reading and napping.  Sometimes, ya just gotta veg in the room.

For dinner we went to a place in Lana’i City called The Lana’i City Grill, which was really good, and much closer to being reasonably priced.

About halfway through, Lis said to me “Uh, oh – did you bring a credit card?”  I stared at her – the question didn’t even make sense to me.  Then I got it – “Oh, because we’re not at the resort – we can’t charge it to the room…”  No, I didn’t have anything but my room key and my camera.

Luckily, the manager is used to this sort of thing – apparently it happens a lot – and let us go back to the hotel and call her with our credit card info.  I guess we have pretty thoroughly adjusted to life at the resort :)