Today we spent the day wandering the grounds of both resorts. After breakfast, we walked around the 5 named gardens in the Manele Bay compound, me taking photos like mad and Lis becoming increasingly over it. For lunch, we went up to The Lodge – the food, service and presentation all seem to be significantly better up there. After lunch, we walked around the grounds, me again taking photos like mad, and Lis only a little over it this time, owing to her nap after breakfast :)

As we wandered around, we came across the 18 hole putting course. Lis went back to the lodge to get putters and balls, and we played the course. I won, but only because of Lis’ unfortunate sand trap misadventure – she pulled off some beautiful putts, whereas mine kept threatening to be beautiful but then rimming out and rolling away :(

There is a triathlon here tomorrow, and when we got back in the late afternoon, many of the triathletes were here registering. Lis is feeling grumpy about all the people (there is also a Sunquest Circle of Excellence gathering here right now), but I like the big influx of riff raff – makes me feel better. The triathlon kicks off with the swim at 9:30am tomorrow – we’re going to try to go down and watch it.

And for those of you who are interested in endless photos of landscapes (with a couple golf pics thrown in), here are the links for my photographic efforts of the day: